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3 Persons from Hulsberg, 03-10-2023
A nice and quiet park next to a vast forest area. Sufficient facilities available for my daughter to have fun. More than enough play equipment available spread throughout the campsite. Great swimming pool and if the weather is bad, there are plenty of opportunities to play indoors.

2 Persons from Numansdorp

The swimming pool, the surroundings , but also the showers are nice and hot. As far as we are concerned, it would be nice if you could occasionally rid the toilet buildings of all the insects sitting on the ceiling. It would also be nice if the oak tree could be pruned. It bothered us a lot.

2 Persons from Oostrum

We find the campsite a nice mix of enjoying our grandchildren on days they were there and enjoying the beautiful surroundings to walk in when we were "grandchild-free". It is a nice, quiet and cosy campsite where we felt welcome.

2 Persons from Boxmeer

A great welcome, a nice spacious place in a beautiful location. A campsite with many beautiful and good play areas for children. Safe swimming pools and heated. A top campsite with clean and good sanitary facilities and lovely showers.

2 Persons from Gouda

fine campsite, everything is looked after, friendly personal welcome.

5 Persons from Tilburg

We enjoyed our weekend. A very nice campsite. Good facilities. Quiet. Very nice. Why not a 10? Because the chalet was very nice but the bedrooms were very narrow. Another tip: we missed breakfast plates.

2 Persons from Helmond

We like the child-friendly campsite, bouncy castle, indoor and outdoor playground for all ages. A lovely swimming pool, which stayed open 2 days longer, really super nice. And the beautiful flower boxes.
2 Persons from Krommenie, 02-10-2023
We loved the September package on lawn 39, we hope to be on this pitch again next year. Minus point for me was that the toilet was not accessible for me, I walk with crutches because of a broken knee, the toilet was low and there were no brackets on the wall. The shower room fortunately had a folding seat, was also difficult but with partner's help I took a few showers. In our case, Hotel Hobby brought relief.... But we understand it will all be different next season and I hope to be fully mobile again then.