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Vakantiecentrum De Ullingse Bergen is located a stone's throw from Sint Anthonis, a cosy burgundian village in Brabant. The Brinkdorp has a number of practical shops, such as a supermarket (open 7 days a week), bakery, handy village shop and a greengrocer.

Vakantiecentrum De Ullingse Bergen is located directly against 1,000 ha of natural beauty, the Staatsbossen of Sint Anthonis. A varied area consisting of heathland, sand drifts and forests. The cycling and hiking enthusiast can indulge here. Sint Anthonis is very centrally located, close to the A73 from where you can quickly reach beautiful, cultural cities such as Nijmegen, Venlo, Eindhoven and Den Bosch. Germany is also just a stone's throw away. Don't forget to bring your passport? 

Check out the event guide of the Land van Cuijk for the best outing tips (NL)


We will be happy to tell you what to do in our beautiful area!

Sint Anthonis forest
Adjacent to holiday centre De Ullingse Bergen is the approx. 1000 ha "Sint Anthonisbos" of Staatsbosbeheer (state forestry commission) with a variety of heaths, sand drifts and woods. The hiking and cycling enthusiast can indulge here! There are many, short and long, cycling and walking routes through woods, over heathland and sand drifts.

These routes often start at the campsite entrance. Besides the marked walking routes, you can also enjoy the junction system. At reception, you can buy various cycling and hiking junctions, after which you can map out your own favourite route with the desired distance. Also take a look at the Bicycle and Hiking Booklet 2024 (NL) full of tips and routes about the area.
Touring through the forest
On your own or rented bikes, you can enjoy touring through the forest and across the heathland. On your rambles, you might encounter the flock of 100 Kempen Heath Sheep, as the "bell-ringer" constantly betrays the grazing area with its tinkling sound.

At other times, you may come face to face with a group of Scottish Highlanders with their impressive horns. Did you know that you can hire not only 'normal' bicycles on the campsite, but also electric (cargo)bicycles, children's bicycles, child seats, various types of go-karts and real family bicycles for 7 people?
Out and about with the forest ranger or IVN guide
During the season, the forest ranger or the IVN guide is happy to go out with you. During this beautiful walk, past the most beautiful spots in the State Forests, he will be happy to tell you about nature, about its history, but he will also teach you to distinguish the sounds of different birds and point out special bushes and trees. This walk is also great fun for children!

Would you rather go on a walk with your children yourself? No problem! Then go on a treasure hunt with the help of the special IVN family bag or the gnome bag of the Forestry Commission.
Excursions in the area with children
Several zoos and amusement parks can be found in the immediate vicinity of De Ullingse Bergen. In reception, you will find an extensive information corner with leaflets on various fun attractions. In advance of your holiday, we would like to give you some great ideas:

Zoos: Zoo Parc Overloon, Dierenrijk Europa, Zie-Zoo in Volkel, Vlindersafari in Gemert

Amusement parks / day out: Toverland, Hemelrijk, War Museum Overloon, Indoor playground 'trip around the world', museum with castle Helmond, Adventure Park De Bergen, Irrland, Boerenbondsmuseum, Pret-Inn, Ballorig and Hullie play farm.
National Walking Four Days
Every year, Nijmegen hosts the National Walking Four Days event. For four days, thousands of sports enthusiasts walk tens to hundreds of kilometres.

The beautiful city of Nijmegen is only about 30 km away from De Ullingse Bergen and easily accessible by public transport. Extra public transport is departing from Boxmeer this week to transport hikers. The sporty hiker will find accommodation at De Ullingse Bergen to completely unwind during this event.
City visits
Sint Anthonis is surrounded by beautiful, large and old cities such as Nijmegen, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Venlo and Roermond. Lovely for a day of shopping or culture. Would you like to spend a day abroad? No problem. Germany is very easy to reach via the A73 and A77 and only a stone's throw away. So take your passport with you on holiday
Gnome trail and family bag
Children also enjoy discovering nature. Every season, there is plenty to do in the State Forests. In cooperation with IVN and Staatsbosbeheer, fun nature activities have been created. Set off together with your (grand)children with the family bag. In the bag, you will find a route of approx. 2 km (the route can be extended by 800 m) and various components with which you can do fun nature assignments along the way. While walking through the forest, there is so much to discover. All senses are engaged during the fun, exciting, and active tasks.

Look for the gnomes in the forest with the whole family. The children receive a gnome's hat and a bag with assignments. The tour, which can be followed with the help of gnome poles, is about 1 km. Every season, the gnomes can do different assignments. The gnome trail is a fun and educational path designed especially for children aged approximately 3 to 7 years old.

Both activities are more than worthwhile during your holiday!
Nature events
Several times a year, beautiful nature events take place. On the 2nd Sunday in June, the annual Sheep Shearing Festival takes place. Of course the sheep are sheared, but there are several events such as visiting various market stalls, baking sandwiches, herding sheep with dogs, petting zoo, climbing course, etc.

Both nature events are well worth visiting during your holiday! They take place, of course, in the state forests right next to the campsite. You can visit both events on foot from the campsite.

Several times a year, there are various types of walks to be taken under the guidance of an IVN guide. Discover nature and at the same time receive nice background information about the beautiful surroundings. During the holiday periods, you can go on a walk with a forester from Staatsbosbeheer. He will not only show you the beautiful surroundings, but at the same time you will learn more about the flora and fauna.
Outing tips for all audiences
Not only young families enjoy themselves in the Sint Anthonis area, but there are also many excursion possibilities for the slightly older among us. Besides the many kilometres of walking and cycling possibilities, it is possible to go on many pleasant days out to, for example:
  • Wellness boat - Mill 
  • Castle gardens - Arcen
  • War Museum - Overloon
  • Africa Museum - Berg & Dal 
  • National Liberation Museum - Groesbeek
  • Museum of North Brabant - Den Bosch
  • Sailing on the Binnendieze - Den Bosch 
  • Designer Outlet - Roermond
  • Farmers' Union Museum - Gemert
  • Philips Stadium - Eindhoven
  • Pitch & Put - Molenhoek
  • Gardens of Appeltern